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  • I have pre-ordered My Wonder Line, when will I receive it?"
    Firstly, thank you soooo much for ordering! We are currently taking pre-orders to fund our next print run because since the pandemic the costs of paper and printing has really gone up. We are hoping to place a print run order later in the summer and from there it only take 1-2 weeks for delivery to our HQ at which point we will begin shipping orders. So in short, later in the summer of 2024 :)
  • How much is going to the charity, Tiny Tickers?"
    10% from sales will be going to Tiny Tickers and we will be reporting to them once a quarter. You do have the option to add more of a donation to them though, at checkout and via the Donate tab on this website.
  • How can I contact you? I have a question or query...
    You can email us at
  • Do you have any scars, Vicky?"
    Yes! I have many myself... - A small one around my belly button when I got some sort of hernia when I was a newborn (which I only found out about as an adult!) - One on my upper arm where a mole got removed when I was in my teens. - Loads of acne related ones on my cheeks and jawline when I got acne conglabata when I was 20. - One on my ankle when another little lump/mole was removed in my thirties. - 3 endometriosis related incision scars from laparascopic surgery. - A c-section one smiling up at me from the time I birthed my gorgeous baby girl.
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