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My Wonder Line is a story of a little girl who notices she has a scar one day, between her belly and chin. She wants to know if everybody has one and meets some friends along the way to talk to about it...some have surprises for her.

Written by Vicky Gooden and beautifully illustrated by Angela Mayers,

My Wonder Line is a book to represent children who have been through surgery and been left with scars, empowering them to own their story.

10% of sales will be going to Tiny Tickers, the baby heart charity. Click 'donate' above to make a further donation to this amazing little charity, looking after tiny hearts.

"I just wanted to thank you from one heart mama to another. It means so much to me already..."

- Laura

"Our little boy has started to notice his sister's scar so this will be wonderful to support him too."

- Kim

"Thank you so much for creating this. Cannot wait to read it to my daughter."

- Claire

"Purchased for my little heart warrior."

- Coral

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