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About the book

My Wonder Line is a children's picture book and explores why a young girl has a scar on her chest.


Accompanied by a reassuring adult and some friends, she notices her scar in the mirror one day and asks a series of questions about it. The book explores imagination and reality with the little girl realising that there are many children just like her. 


My Wonder Line is based on personal experience, as author Vicky guides and supports her own daughter, 2 years old and who underwent open heart surgery at 14 months, into a world that can sometimes not be so kind to someone with a difference. Vicky is all too aware that as her daughter gets older and more inquisitive she might face some challenging conversations about it. So she searched for some books that might help for the two of them to read together if and when that day arrived but couldn't find something quite right, or illustrated in a way that would have her pluck the story from a bookshop shelf.


My Wonder Line was written just before UK lockdown in 2020 when Vicky would snatch minutes here and there while looking after her toddler to jot down lines and ideas. Through instagram, Vicky then met Angela Mayers who she approached to be the illustrator. and was thrilled to find she had availability. 


Thousands of children each year are left with surgical scars. Vicky chose from the moment her daughter had her surgery to only ever show her wonder and awe when looking at her scar together. 


While the book opens about a young girl’s specific scar, she meets others who also have one, albeit different and like so many of us who sometimes feel the odd one out, immediately feels less alone.

About the team

Vicky Gooden, Author

Vicky is a Hertfordshire born mum of one who always had dreams of writing children's books. During lockdown 2020, she would snatch minutes from her daily routine/juggles and jot down lines here and there that eventually came together as My Wonder Line, her first book.


She works part time in telly and lives with her husband and daughter just a little north of London.

Angela Mayers, Illustrator

Angela is an illustrator and print designer working in the children's sector. When she isn't illustrating for children's picture books she is working on ladies and children's fashion print design for well known British High Street brands.


Angela also works as a product designer for a  biscuit company designing and creating the ideas for sets of decorative biscuits.


Her style is whimsical and light with an emphasis on fashion, print and charming characters. 

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